5 Great ways to earn some extra income for Christmas

5 Great ways to earn some extra income for Christmas

Often it can be really beneficial if you can find a way to earn a little extra money on top of your wages. This additional income could help to give your household more financial flexibility, or it could come in handy for expensive events such as family birthdays or Christmas. This could give you a little bit more of a financial buffer and help you to avoid having to borrow money for a few months to cover the money you have to cope. Here are some things that you could do to raise some extra income:

Get a second job

I know most of us have had enough of work by the time we have finished one job let alone a second, but getting a part time job can be a great way of earning extra cash. Part time jobs are often a lot easier to find and you may be able to find something that you really enjoy. In the months leading up until Christmas the amount of part time jobs in the retail sector can increase quite a lot. In the summer there are often lots more jobs available in the hospitality sector, especially if you live somewhere that attracts tourism.

Sell some of your old items

Selling some of your old unwanted items can be a great way to raise some extra money. Often people are very surprised with just how much money they can raise just by looking around at what they have that is of no use any more.

There are lots of ways to sell your old items. You can use auction websites such as eBay, or sell items at your local car boot sales. If you have an old mobile phone, there are specialist websites that offer to buy your phone. Sometimes this can be much easier than having to go through the hassle of auctioning it on Ebay.

Write articles or page copy

If you are pretty literate, copy-writing can be a good earner for those who are looking to earn some extra money, especially if you are unable to leave your home because of caring for children etc. Lots of places are always looking for copy-writers. You can also freelance on specialist websites such as  Textbroker.co.uk and Fiver.com. If you are fluent in a second language, there are also websites that are looking to pay for translation services.

Earn money from your hobby

Some hobbies can be great to capitalise on, and sometimes a great way to start to develop your own cottage industry. Maybe you like to bake and can get a stall at local markets, or you can turn your hands to crafts.

If you are really good at your chosen hobby maybe you could start offering tuition to others who want to learn to be as good as you!

Become a stock photographer

Photos are literally everywhere you look, and a lot of these images come from stock libraries. Taking stock photos could be a good way to earn some extra cash, although it is more of a long term investment rather than a quick way to raise cash. It is worth noting that stock photography is a numbers game, but it can be a great way to better your skills and earn some extra cash along the way. You can find out more about becoming a stock photographer in this guide about it.

Can you think of any other ways to earn some extra money? Whatever your idea is, getting out there and doing it can be highly rewarding not just for the bank balance, but for your standard of living.