Relax on A Peaceful Holiday in Tuscany

Relax on A Peaceful Holiday in Tuscany

With its breath-taking scenery and picturesque medieval villages, rural Tuscany is serene and therefore the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. Situated in central Italy, it is only a short two hour flight into Pisa airport from the UK.

Planning A Visit to Tuscany

To see Tuscany at its best, it would be advisable to plan a trip between May and October. Visiting towards the beginning or end of the season is recommended for those wishing to tour around the area and visit the sights during its quieter times.

Florence And Michelangelo

The beautiful city of Florence, located in the heart of Tuscany, is steeped in beauty and culture. As the birth place of Michelangelo, Florence is a must see for tourists with an interest in art. Although, he spent much of his adult life in Rome, there are many of his works of art to be seen within the walls of Florence. As well as the well-known sculpture ‘David’, which is in the city’s Accademia Gallery, another highlight would be to visit Casa Buonarroti, which is home to some of Michelangelo’s earlier sculptures.


Wine Tasting and Eye-Catching Architecture in Siena

Located in the centre of Tuscany, this walled medieval city offers an opportunity to sample the finest wines from local vineyards. With its impressive architecture, coupled with the stunning backdrop provided by surrounding countryside, a visit to Siena really is a must.

The Vineyards of Chianti

This region of Tuscany is another terrific location for wine lovers, with its many vineyards which produce the well-known Chianti wine. In addition to this, Chianti also offers stunning scenery and quaint villages, as well as historic towns and cities boasting beautiful architecture.

The Hilltop Wonder of San Gimignano

The approach to this incredible village is almost as impressive as being within it, with its tall towers rising out of the trees. One of the towers, known as the Torre Grossa, can still be accessed by members of the public. Although it is a relatively small town, there is plenty to see for history and art lovers alike.

Natural History at Figline Valdarno

This small peaceful village is in the lower part of Tuscany, south of Florence. Settlements at Figline Valdarno date back to the Stone Age and this area has become well known for the discovery of fossils from the Pleistocene Era, which ended over eleven thousand years ago. This is an ideal location to visit for those interested in geology and natural history.

San Leonardo, Artimino

Peace and Tranquillity at Artimino

This is the perfect destination for those in search for an oasis of tranquillity. With its calm and peaceful atmosphere, this small walled town is the ideal place to escape and relax. Its close proximity to surrounding Tuscan tourist destinations makes it perfect for travellers who wish to soak up some Italian atmosphere, as well as making time to unwind.

Art, history, beauty and tranquillity are key features of a holiday in Tuscany. The atmosphere in rural Tuscany is serene and calm, making it the ideal location to unwind and recharge your batteries.

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